poniedziałek, 26 marca 2018

Small Gyuto for my trip to Japan

Hello there!!!

Uffff. I have managed to finish this one just on time. I am posting from London Heathrow airport where I am waiting for my plane to Japan. I will participate in a programme called ''Who wants to come to Japan'' which is broadcasted on Tv Tokyo on regular basis. I will give you more details when we will finish filming and when my episode will be released. I will try to take as many pictures as possible out there and then will post everything on my blog.

This knife is one of 7 which I have started a long time ago. I know that handle is a little bit too big and too long for this knife, but I really didn't have time to fix it. The box is made of oak and beech. I will post measurements after I come back. I totally forgot about it. Producers of the programme have asked to take it with me. I hope, that I will have a chance to get some proper critics from master sharpeners or bladesmiths if I meet any.

Thanks for reading...