wtorek, 1 lipca 2014

8 Wusthoffs project.

Hello there:)
Some time ago I was asked to make handles for Wusthoff knives. These are western handled and I do not have much experience with them. This is a reason why I decided to rehandle my old Wusthoff. You can see it few posts below.
Ok so now, after few months from my first contact with owner of these knives and finishing them, I am ready. 
New handles are made from Olive wood which is sanded to 800 grit sand paper. I applied camelia oil on 400 grit sand paper followed by 600 and 800. Then I used bee wax and hand buffed them. 
Also I cleaned blades with 400 grit ceramic belt followed by Trizact belt. Of course I hand sharpened all of them. I started with Beston 500 but I found it slow and slicky on these knives. This is a reason why I sharpened them on super JNS 800 followed by natural Red Aoto.

Wusthoffs when I got them. They were in very bad condition.

Old handles leftovers.

Olive wood for new handles.

Tangs have been cleaned prior to glueing.

After glueing.

After rough shaping with 80 grit sand paper.

Finished product.