środa, 31 grudnia 2014

My 2014 summary.

Hello there!

It's almost 2015 and I thought that I will write few words about last year which in my opinion was quite good (if we're talking about knives of course).

I will start from my trips/holidays.

Same as in 2013, my girlfriend and me have visited her uncle and auntie in Remscheid, Germany. It's almost in Solingen which is European capital of knives and knifemaking. I really enjoyed that and looking forward for next year journey to Germany. You can see my post about that trip below:


Also, and this is most important, I was in Denmark on JapaneseNaturalStones.com (JNS) gathering. TWICE!! Hehe. So actually I was there three times in 1 year time. This year's first gathering was in May. It was great. As always I had a lot of fun and I have acquired many new skills, experience and gear.
I promised myself that I will stop with journeys this year, because I also had to go to Majorka for holiday, but later on this year, I had a chat with my friend Michal Bienkunski a.k.a. Bieniek  (which is also my personal knife guru) and he told me that I must go to the next gathering in November. I really couldn't do that because of money, lack of holiday in work etc. Maksim (owner of JNS) also asked me to come. Two or three weeks before gathering in November, I couldn't resist and I bought tickets to Denmark. It was great gathering. I  met old friends and new guys as well including Will Catcheside - great blacksmith from England.
I am writing my reviews of these two gatherings right now, so check my blog in few days. It's really worth it.

Also it was great year for me if we talking about new gear. I got myself loads of new tools including great Japanese handmade Saya Nomi chisel:

Japanese handmade hammer head. I was told that it is over 100 years old.

 I've cleaned and polished it.

Also I got myself great Zensho hand plane.

In addition to that I bought great Makita combi drill and Makita Router/trimmer. I am really very happy with my new gear.

Of course I had to by myself new knives:

Hiromoto AS 240mm gyuto

Shigefusa 180mm Mukimono:

Biken NOS straight razor

I've made great cutting board:

.. and brought myself very unique magnetic knife rack made of Japanese cedar wood.

My new acquisitions include new stones:

Oohira Range suita:


Red Oohira:

Also I got new synthetic stones like JNS 300 prototype, JNS 800 and many more.

Also it was great year for me if we talking about woodworking. I've made few great handles:

And I made a progress in saya making:

I really regret that I do not have good picture of these:

I didn't waste my time this year. I wrote ''Sharpening stones descriptions'' in June. Since that time I got myself new stones which are waiting to be described, but I plan to do that next year. Also I want to make small updates to existing descriptions.


Do you like WIP's? (Work In Progess)

You can check repair WIP of Tanaka Deba here:


...and also something what seems to be impossible. Fixing this knife:

...and turning it in to that:

At the end of the year I got a very good lesson. First of all I made a very big mistake and instead of turn Hiromoto AS gyuto with Western handle in to Japanese Wa handle, I made normal Western handle. It's because I didn't read email properly.


There was second lesson, I have learned, this year.

I was putting away my belt grinder and I stabbed myself with the chisel on 18th of December. I cut my right hand ring finger on outside. It was very deep. I could actually see my tendons moving etc. I spent few hours in hospital and got stitched. After few days I got infection and now I can't bend my finger. At least my doctor gave me antybiotics and told me that it will be fine. At the moment I am having big problems with holding the knife.

I have many plans for new year. It definitely will be more intensive. I plan to go to Denmark again. Also I want few new knives and stones. The thing I need the most is the workshop. I am doing everything in my kitchen and toilet (grinding room) and it makes me tired.

That's it for now. If you want to know more, then do not hesitate to read all posts on my blog. Do not forget to visit my website: www.wabocho.com.
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I would like to wish everybody Happy New Year!! I hope that it will be better than previous one, and worse than next one. I wish you all things which people forget to wish you. Of course only those positive things. I hope that all of you will realize your dreams.

Happy New Year!!! from Wabocho.com

Kind regards
Greg Gola