piątek, 23 maja 2014

Shigefusa Kitaeji Santoku

Hello there:D

I didn't write for a while but I had plenty of work. In the meantime I was in Denmark on JapaneseNaturalStones.com annual knife nerd gathering but I will post about it later on. I have plenty of pictures and movies. Before I've gone to Denmark I had a chance to work on this beautiful Shigefusa Kitaeji Santoku. I was asked to thin it, resharpen it and make a saya.
I must say that working with Shigefusa was a pure pleasure. For saya I choosed cedar wood from my own collection. It was very soft and I thought that if I apply many layers of shellac then I will get nice hard shell. I was little bit lucky because there was a problem on the post and my parcel came back to me from Italy. I opened it and noticed that bubble wrap left too many marks on shellac. It wasn't dry enough. I removed shellac from saya, sanded it again and drowned the whole saya in a mix of danish oil and boiled linseed oil for 24 hours. After that I used wax to finish it.
I also polished it more with Uchimogori fingerstones. I was doing that for 3 days 25 minut per side of the knife. I had to send it today because I am going to my holiday in Germany tomorrow. I really regret that because I really want to know how can it look after proper Uchimogori treatment. Time for pictures.


Before thinning:

After thinning:

And some final pictures after knife came back to me: