niedziela, 5 lipca 2015

Knives UK 2015 show

Hello there.

Last year I tried to go to Knives UK show, but getting there by public transport on time is impossible. I live in Leicester which is about 120 miles away from Knives UK show by car, but to go there by public transport, I had to take four buses and three trains one way. I even didn't want to check the price. This year I asked somebody from my work and actually he wanted to go as well:D Hurray:D

The show itself was very good. Everybody was friendly. There was only one maker which for unknown reason didn't want me to take pictures of his knives. Quite strange for me.

There was a big contest between makers as well as grinding, sharpening and leather working demonstrations.
I was very dissappointedm because my main goal was to buy some steel, and honestly there was no choice at all. I've met only one guy who was selling VG-10 and some other steels, but I was not interested. Pictures are not in any particular order.

Quick overlook:

Sharpening demonstration by Ben Orford (

Grinding demostration by Ben Orford (

At the beginning I would like to say that show took a place in beautiful ''The Tortworth Court Hotel''.

Some business cards: