środa, 16 grudnia 2015

220mm Gyuto in O1 @61HRC

Hello there.

I didn't post anything in a while, but I had a good reason for that. One of the reasons for non posting was lack of time, as well as two holidays and little burn out. Yes... I felt burned out and I am not happy with that. In the mean time I was doing little projects, but everything was taking me enormous amount of time. However, at least, I have managed to finish one of the knives I have started earlier this year. There are few minor flaws, but I took them in to the consideration and I am willing to avoid them next time. Also for the first time I have tried to etch my surname on to the blade with nail laquer and 9v battery technique. I am not happy with results. I plan to order some stencils designed for etching. Here are the results:

220mm gyuto:

Steel: O1 @ 61HRC
Total lenght: 350mm
Cutting edge lenght: 220mm
Height over the heel: 43mm
Spine thickness over the heel: 2.83mm
Spine thickness in the middle: 2.37mm
Spine thickness 1cm from the tip: 0.93mm
Handle lenght: 125mm
Handle material: Non stabilised Amboyna burl and brass pins finished with TRU-oil.

And quick cutting test: