środa, 16 grudnia 2015

220mm Gyuto in O1 @61HRC

Hello there.

I didn't post anything in a while, but I had a good reason for that. One of the reasons for non posting was lack of time, as well as two holidays and little burn out. Yes... I felt burned out and I am not happy with that. In the mean time I was doing little projects, but everything was taking me enormous amount of time. However, at least, I have managed to finish one of the knives I have started earlier this year. There are few minor flaws, but I took them in to the consideration and I am willing to avoid them next time. Also for the first time I have tried to etch my surname on to the blade with nail laquer and 9v battery technique. I am not happy with results. I plan to order some stencils designed for etching. Here are the results:

220mm gyuto:

Steel: O1 @ 61HRC
Total lenght: 350mm
Cutting edge lenght: 220mm
Height over the heel: 43mm
Spine thickness over the heel: 2.83mm
Spine thickness in the middle: 2.37mm
Spine thickness 1cm from the tip: 0.93mm
Handle lenght: 125mm
Handle material: Non stabilised Amboyna burl and brass pins finished with TRU-oil.

And quick cutting test:

poniedziałek, 3 sierpnia 2015

For sale - Yoshiaki Fujiwara Workhorse, Syuuji Toyama Kasumi Usuba 240mm,

I have couple of things for sale.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara 240mm workhorse gyuto:

Total lenght:  39.6 cm
Cutting edge : 24.2 cm
Spine to heel : 5cm
Handle lenght: 14.4cm
Handle: Arizona desert Ironwood and Bog oak

I had this knife for two years. In that time it was used constantly. I have thinned this knife twice. It still has some scratches from proper thinning. Picture show actual knife. This knife was cleaned with 80 grit C Powder prior to pictures, but I have packed it in to the kitchen foil, because I was cleaning the handle. This is a reason why there are some patina stains.

I can clean this knife, polish it and sharpen it prior to shipping.

The cost is £200 GBP (British pounds), which is 310$ + shipping. Payment by paypal.

Let me know if you want more pictures.

Syuuji Toyama Kasumi Usuba 240mm.


Steel: White Steel  (can rust !!! )
Handle: Ho wood D shape

Approx.. measurements:
Handle Length- 150mm
Handle Width- 22mm
Handle to Tip Length- 395mm
Heel to Tip Length- 223mm
Blade Height at Heel- 55mm
Width of Spine at Handle- 4,5mm
Width of Spine Above Heel- 4mm
Width of Spine at Middle- 3,7mm
Width of Spine 1cm from the tip- 3,2mm
Weight- 335 g
I bought this knife some time ago. I used it to make one katsumaruki and to cut one carrot. It is brand new, never sharpened. I can make honbadzuke (opening of the knife) prior to shipping.
New knife cost £259.33 GBP (british pounds), which is 404.25$. I want £200 GBP, which is 310$ + shipping.

Oohira Tomae lv 4.5

Description from JNS website:

Final finisher for razors !! Works also great on tools, very inexpensive stone for that size .
Produce very nice semi mirro finish on knives but I recommend to use it with Nagura or slurry stone
This one is on harder side so Nagura is needed for tools
But for the price very good and big stone !!

Size: 205mm 80mm 25mm

Once I have try to cut a piece of that stone with no results at all. Because of that  have left some mark on the stone.

Okazaki Takeshi Saya Nomi 14mm

Description from JNS website:


''Since i started to make some sayas, for my self but also for some of my customers that want saya with they knives.
I bought my self Saya nomi ( Chisel for sayas)
It is custom ordered from a very skild blacksmith, 85 years old Okazaki Takeshi from Sanjo. He making chisels mostly from White steel.
As he do not have any to fallow his work , these will be the last chisels from his generation !

Steel: White 2 (high carbon)
Handle: Red Oak
Chisels total length is 470mm
Blade length 235mm
Blade width 14mm
Blade thickness 3,3mm''


This chisel is very cool. It is a little bit flexbile, which allow you to make knife slots in sayas very efficiently.


Cost is £100GBP (British pounds), which is $155 + shipping.



niedziela, 5 lipca 2015

Knives UK 2015 show

Hello there.

Last year I tried to go to Knives UK show, but getting there by public transport on time is impossible. I live in Leicester which is about 120 miles away from Knives UK show by car, but to go there by public transport, I had to take four buses and three trains one way. I even didn't want to check the price. This year I asked somebody from my work and actually he wanted to go as well:D Hurray:D

The show itself was very good. Everybody was friendly. There was only one maker which for unknown reason didn't want me to take pictures of his knives. Quite strange for me.

There was a big contest between makers as well as grinding, sharpening and leather working demonstrations.
I was very dissappointedm because my main goal was to buy some steel, and honestly there was no choice at all. I've met only one guy who was selling VG-10 and some other steels, but I was not interested. Pictures are not in any particular order.

Quick overlook:

Sharpening demonstration by Ben Orford (http://benandloisorford.com/)

Grinding demostration by Ben Orford (http://benandloisorford.com/

At the beginning I would like to say that show took a place in beautiful ''The Tortworth Court Hotel''.


Some business cards: