niedziela, 28 czerwca 2015

I have finished making my knife.

Hello there.

I would like to proudly show you my recently finished knife. I have skipped polishing part, because it was a nightmare and I think that I got to the point where I must abandon this project and go to the next one.

So there we go:

Steel O1 @ 60 - 61 HRC

Total lenght: 37.7cm
Cutting edge lenght- 24.1cm
Spine thickness:

Over the heel: 3.01mm
In the middle: 2.67mm
2cm from tip - 1.64mm

Thickness behind the edge 0.17mm (could be less).

Handle and saya made from cedar wood.
Ferrule made from stabilised California Buckeye burl

In my opinion it could be better, but as this is my first proper knife (I made two blades two years ago for fun) I think that it's not bad. Every attempt to correct things ends with making things worse.

This is a late birthday gift for my friend.

Sharpening video:

Cutting test video:

I am happy with that project and I really can't wait to make another knife.

poniedziałek, 8 czerwca 2015

Hiromoto AS 240mm gyuto modification and Shigefusa saya.

I had an interesting project. Hiromoto AS gyuto 240mm which I got from Germany. I've made new handle and etched it.

Shigefusa saya and polishing. Knife itself was sharpened on J-nats - White binsui, Red Aoto and Red Oohira and afterwards I have polished the whole thing with Uchigumori fingerstones.