środa, 19 lutego 2014

My first western rehandle.

Hello knife people:D

I've been asked to make 8 Wusthoff's handles because the whole set is in very bad condition. I have never done western handles before (except my first knife) and I was a little bit afraid about it. Normally western rehandle is not hard to do but Wusthoff have a curve near bolster so one must match scales to that curve.

This is what I was afraid of. I have one Wusthoff classic chef knife so I decided to give it a try. First I removed old scales. It was very easy to do. I just had to drill through old rivets.

Scales went off by itself. Then I cleaned the tang because it was a bit rusty.

After that I prepared my new scales. I couldn't choose between white ebony and some Australian burl.
I have choose Australian burl.

Shaping the curve was very easy. It still can be better but I am happy with results. Then I glued everything together and put new rivets.

Later on shaping was pure pleasure. I finished my new handle with Danish oil and shellac. I think that end result is very satisfying and I am ready for  another 8 Wusthoff's.