poniedziałek, 6 kwietnia 2015

Important announcement

Due to the high volume of orders, I must announce that I can’t take any new orders until July. I still have couple of things to finish and I am also going for my holiday in May and straight after that I will be going to Denmark to the Japanesenaturalstones.com annual gathering. Will still be able to offer my sharpening service, but any other services, like handles, sayas, thinning and repair will be on hold until July. 

Second announcement is even more important to me. I have created Wabocho, because I love knives and I really enjoy sharpening, repairing and polishing them. It is my big passion and hobby. However, lately it became something else. I didn’t expect the high volume of orders from around the globe. Now, instead of giving me a pleasure it is stressing me a lot. I don’t even have time for myself. I do not have workshop and I am doing everything at home, what means that I have to set up my workstation in my kitchen and then clean the entire house before I go to work. This is very stressful and my passion is fading away. Working in stress and rushing out the orders are neither good for me nor the customers. That is why I will slow down and take a pleasure of working with knives again. To do that I will have to take one order at a time without any specific timeframe. That means I won’t be able to tell you upfront when the job will be done. I might be able to finish it within a week or it may even take 4 weeks. I think it is better for the quality of my products and better for my wellbeing as well. I am very sorry for any inconvenience but I hope you will understand me.