niedziela, 31 sierpnia 2014

My sharpening gear

I was uploading pictures to my website and I had to make this picture. Description of most of them are in my post from June 2014.

From top left to right:
DMT X-Coarse
Atoma 140
JNS 300
Beston 500
JNS 800
JNS 1000
JNS 6000
Shapton Pro 8000

From bottom left:

White binsui
Red Aoto
Oohira Tomae lvl 4
Mysterious stone
Small ebisu
Small Hakka
Asano tenju nagura
Asano botan nagura
Big uchimogori stone
Finger stones

niedziela, 10 sierpnia 2014

New Handles

Hello there.

I have recently finished new handles for Masamoto KS 270mm gyuto and Konosuke Fujiyama White#2 270mm gyuto.

I must say that these are my favourite handles. Materials are Olive wood, Iron wood and white fibre spacers.

Tang in these knives are huge!!!

Original handle was to far from heel of the Masamoto. I moves it to the front. On picture below you can see two lines on the tang. Right one indicates old handle position. Left one is new handle position.


Konosuke got a new basic saya with Iron wood pin.

niedziela, 3 sierpnia 2014


Hello knife people:D

Some time ago somebody called me and asked for sharpening his Global knives. These knives haven't been sharpened since they were bought so it is about 5 or 6 years now. I must say that one thing really surprised me.
I own three Global knives and I must say that these are really stainless. However 2 knives were in really bad condition. They had rusty dots. I thought that it will be easy to remove but after close examination I found out that rust started eating steel and  damaged edge. I don't now what was happening with these knives but deep rust on Global knives is strange.

Pictures of knives when I got them.

Rust I was talking about.

Edges in very bad condition.

Flexible filleting knife was bent. It doesn't look bad on picture bad it was worse. I used wooden stick and hammer to straighten it. It is better but I don't want to risk breaking the knife. I don't like this kind of knives. Their flexibility is making sharpening really hard.

Global G-2 chef and G-3  had strange scratches over the edge. Scratches are not surprise for me but their depth was very strange. I was refinishing blades on belt grinder and I didn't remove all deep scratches. It wasn't worth wasting the metal.

On  the next few pictures you can see deep holes of rust. Even after belt grinding they still exist. I will not remove all of them because I don't want to remove more metal than I have to. 

Here you can see edge damaged by rust.

Ok so I started from sharpening them on 300 grit stones to repair edges and to see what I have to do. After sharpening I decided to thin them down. This was the longest step of repairing but  it was necessary after repairs. After thinning I sharpen it again to check consistency. Then I took it to the belt grinder to refinish blades. I have sharpened them afterwards and I am happy with it. I will sharpen them again before they will go back to their owner.  It is not perfect but now these Global cut good and look good.