niedziela, 17 stycznia 2016

Suisin Densho 270mm White #1 Yanagiba ‪#‎63HRC for sale.


I am selling Suisin Densho 270mm White #1 Yanagiba ‪#‎63HRC‬. This is such a great knife. Designed for professional kitchen. Comes with round California buckeye burl and water buffalo horn handle. Also it comes with saya without pin, but I can make one if needed. If you want more information, please visit Ironchefknives website:…

The new knife cost £384GBP, which is 549$. However I paid about £120 GBP (185$) to import it to UK. This is a reason why I can't go really low with price.
Price for that knife is £290 GBP (415$). I will pay for shipping in the UK.
I accept offers, but please be serious.
This knife will be polished, sharpened and prepared before I send it to the new owner. I prefer to sell it to someone who has knowledge in single bevel (kata-ba) knives sharpening.
Actual pictures of the knife: