niedziela, 28 lipca 2013

Masamoto KK 270mm yanagiba project

Hi there.
 I couldn't wait to start this project. Some time ago a member of Polish knives forum has ordered Masamoto KK 270mm yanagiba from directly to my home. I have this knife for over a month now and it's owner has never see it before. I couldn't start it because I had to wait for materials. Earlier this week I recieved small package from Poland. Inside I found new silver, water buffalo horn roll and beautiful stabilised brown maple burl. So now I have all materials and will to start this project.
  1. Rehandle it.
  2. Polish the face of the blade to mirror finish
  3. sharpen it and polish the blade road.
I will start tommorow at the morning but because I have to prepare presentation to my work for Tuesday, I won't rush and focus on my presentation (about knives).
Also I will try to polish face of the blade on the stones instead of using sand paper. I hope that it'll save me a lot of time. I just hope that this part of knife is not concaved that much. Kanji is stamped and very deep so I can remove some steel.
I can't wait to finish that project. As I said before, the owner of this beautiful yanagiba has never seen it before and I hope that when I will be finished and knife will be sent,  he will open a box and will be amazed.

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