piątek, 12 lipca 2013

Masamoto Honyaki 300mm White#2 Yanagiba part 4

Last day of my friendship with Masamoto. I don't have much time because I have to send it in few hours.
I started with white binsui to finish yesterday's work and then I jump on to Red Aoto.  Today I confirmed what I was thinking before. I think that Aoto, even if it's finer, is scratching blade road more than White Binsui. It's great for sharpening but I can't polish with it yet. Maybe if I spent more time on it I would get different results or maybe I need more experience with mud control and the pressure. You can compare scratch patter from White binsui and Red Aoto.

Yesterday's White Binsui:

Today's Red Aoto:

I think that it is more scratched now. Anyway I kept polishing with wine cork.

And then with Oohira Tomae. Actually this was my mistake. I should sharpen on that stone and leave it. I started polishing with it and I have ruined the finish. Now it's scratchy. I think that mirror effect is a result of polishing on Oohira and scratches are from Red Aoto. I think that If I leave Binsui finish and then polish on Oohira results could be different. So now you can see that it's worse than it was. The worst thing is that now I have  pressure on me and this is the worst kind of pressure - Time pressure. It was 11 AM so I had less than 2 hours to finish it, pack it,send it, eat my breakfast, prepare to work  and do other stuff before I went to work. 

I decided to go back to Aoto and polish it for a few more minutes. If i had proper sized finger stone like Uchimogori then I could fix it but I had only very small stones and it could take ages to polish it. I had no more time so I sent it as it is.

That's it. I had a vey good lesson with Masamoto and Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan. I didn't achieve very good finish on honyaki but I had no more time. Now they are sharper than ever before:D I hope that I will have opportunity to have those knives in the future again and then, with more experience, I will achieve better results. Anyway I should be happy with what I have done. Those knives were never sharpened before so I had to do worst job - sharpen blade roads. To be honest I was doing it for the first time from begining to the end. I removed all low spots so sharpening in the future will be very easy. Also I learned that preparing knife before polishing is most important thing ever.

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