czwartek, 11 lipca 2013

Masamoto Honyaki 300mm White#2 Yanagiba - mirror finish part 3

I was thinking all day yesterday about that mirror finish because I wasn't happy with it. I had two options. First was to wake up early and go to town. This means that I had to buy ticket to town, buy sanding paper and loose plenty amount of time. I was doing that mirror finish out of charge so I didn't wanted to invest money in to it. Hovewer I had to do something. Then there is my second option. I came back from my work and i have found some scrap sanding paper. I have many sheets over 1000 grit up to 2500 but I don't have anything below that. So I was polishing it with some scrap papers and then I used 1000 grit. It took my over an hour. It was better than nothing and I was hoping that I will achieve better finish than on previous day.

Pictures after 1000 grit.

So I woke up earlier than usual, drunk quick coffee and started to polishing with compounds. Now it has to be ok because I didn't had more aces in the hole. I started with green compound and I spent about 45 minutes with it. I wanted to remove as many scratches as possible with it because it's the roughter compound I have.

Then I used blue compound for another 30 minutes. Now I was starting to smile. It wasn't that bad and actually I was happy that I prepared that blade night before.

So then it was time for last compound - yellow. It took me only about 15 minutes. Propably I could do that in shorter time if I have prepared knife properly. Anyway this is a great succes for me in that situation. You can still see some deep scratches but now they are very smooth. It is ''BIG'' difference between yesterday's mirror and today's.

I have polished spine as well.

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