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Itinomonn Kurouchi Deba 180mm V2 Steel part 5

Ok so I started all over again. I removed low spots on the tip and heel of the knife. I still can't manage to make straight and even shinogi line. I tried many kinds of finger position on shinogi and pressures. I will leave that at the moment because it is not so important. I wanted to focus on hamaguriba edge and kasumi finish.
When you're doing hamaguriba then you should flatten secondary bevel and then start primary bevel in 1/3 of height between shinogi and edge. This is really hard to achieve for me because I had to keep very low angle. I raised the spine a liitle bit, cutted new adge and then I lowered the spine. I've noticed that it was much easier for me.

The widest bevel I could achieve.

This is a picture where blade road is finished on JNS 1000 stone and edge is polished on White Binsui. You can see that I have settled new edge on lamination line or place where soft jigane and hard hagane meets each other.
  Here you can see the whole blade polished on White Binsui and very big contrast between steels. Compare that to previous picture.
Here is  edge after Red Aoto
 On the next picture i wanted to show you small convex on the edge. Hamaguriba means ''clam shell'' in Japanese and this is how it should look. I have lots to learn. Let's say that it was small hamaguriba:D

I tried many things to polish the blade even more. When I used aoto mud and ultra hard felt and polished the blade I couldn't reach actual edge. Then I tried to make some experiments and I ruined it again. I tried some fingerstones mud, stones mud etc. I have only scratched it even more. However I can't work on it more because I hardly used that knife and already removed lots of steel. To finish it I've used paste made out of chromium oxide to polish the blade a little bit. 
And this is finish after it. I believe that if I have left Red aoto finish and have  polished it with mud a little bit more, but also focus more on edge and then used chromium oxide then effect could be better. I am leaving it now. I will definitely work on it in the future so it's not finished yet. I had my lesson with this knife and I know my mistakes. I will try to not repeat them anymore. See you next time:D

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