niedziela, 7 lipca 2013

Masamoto Honyaki 300mm White#2 Yanagiba part 2


I continued my work on Masamoto today at the morning. It took me about 2,5 - 3 hours to remove all low spots. There is one very small on the heel but it doesn't affect anything. The whole blade is even now. To be honest the grind of Masamoto helps here a lot especially in front part of the blade and because of that I could focus on grinding. There is one very important thing about sharpening the blade road. I am usually using force when I push forward. Today i did it the other way around. I have used force only on back motion obviously with fingers on shinogi line. I think that this in theory rised shinogi line a bit and it helped me to remove low spots. Actually the rise of shinogi is unnoticable.

Here you can see even finish on the whole blade. Tommorow I will start proper sharpening and blade road polishing. TBC

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