niedziela, 21 lipca 2013

Itinomonn Kurouchi Deba 180mm V2 Steel part 4

I couldn't stand the finish I have achieved before and I decided to start over again. Two low spots at the heel and tip were very deep and were ruining the finish. Also because of low spot at the heel it was really hard to sharpen at that place. This time I started with cheap diamond plate. As you can see on pictures I removed most of the low spots. I will work more on the tip and it shouldn't be a problem any more. I will fix the heel as well. The black remaining marker pen it edge which I cut before. You can't see it on the front part of the knife because I worked hard on that area and have removed edge.

Remaining low spot on heel.
And tip:
Now there is another issue. The shinogi line should be even but there is one place where line is higher than rest of it. I tried to avoid that place while grinding the blade road but it seems that it doesn't help. I will try to grind a little bit more today and will examine it properly.

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