piątek, 5 lipca 2013

Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan part 4


I kept polishing with white binsui today. After that it was time to sharpen the blade on Red Aoto but i didn't wanted to polish the blade road on that stone because I don't like finish which it gives. I think that scratches are deeper than after binsui. It's strange because Red Aoto is finer that Binsui.
Anyway I decided to give it a go.

So when I finished sharpening, polishing and making ''Hamaguriba'' edge on Red Aoto, I used Aoto mud and polished it with wine cork.

Next time I will try to sharpen on Red Aoto but I will polish on White binsui. I hope that jigane will be darker.
Ok so it's time for last stone - Oohira Tomae (hardnes Lv.4).

Because Oohira is very hard it scratched jigane. It's not a problem because at that time I had to use finger stone (on left). I don't know what kind of stone is that but it's soft and it's not scratching jigane that much.

So I finished working on that knife. I am happy with results because it's my first knife which I had to sharpen and polish from scratch. Now it's sharpened properly, low spots are almost gone and it's sharp as hell:D Next time will be better but you should judge yourself.

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