wtorek, 16 lipca 2013

Itinomonn Kurouchi Deba 180mm V2 Steel


I had nothing to do at the morning so I have decided to work a little bit on my Itinomonn Kurouchi deba in V2 steel.
I have sharpened it before and then I noticed that there are some low spots. I think that this will be bigger project and I don't think that I will finish it after first session. However I will try to focus on kasumi finish and will try to do that with my existing setup. I have some very small fingerstones but I can't use them and don't want to experiment with them at the moment. Just don't have inspiration. I have some ideas with felt. Instead of using fingerstone I will try to finish polishing on White Binsui and then will polish it with ultra hard deburring felt and Red Aoto mud only. Can't wait for results.

There are some micro chips on the edge after last usage.
So I worked on the blade road for a while and then I covered whole blade with marker pen. Black spots are low spots. There are two big ones. One is on the heel and second one is on the top corner of the blade road on the tip. There is one more on the middle exactly on the shinogi line but this one will not be a problem.
I worked few moments on it and low spot on shinogi has dissapeared and now we can see onlt two of them. Heel and tip. Rest of the blade road is quite even. I think that there is no point fo removing those low spots in one session. They will not affect cutting that much so I can do them next time. I will work on it with Beston 500 tommorow but that's it. I will try to focus on polishing and hamaguriba. This is still black magic for me but I hope to learn it quickly.

Beston 500 finish:
Deep low spot on the ''kissaki'':

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