czwartek, 4 lipca 2013

Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan part 3

Hello there:)
Yesterday I found some time and continued with yanagi. I was working mostly on diamonds and finished evenening the blade road. There is still low spot on shinogi line near heel but it doesn't affect anything. Another one few cm  further is small now and it will disappear after few sharpening sessions. Proper hamaguriba edge will help as well. There is no point of removing more steel at the moment.

Here you can see even diamond's finish.

When I finished with diamonds I started proper sharpening on Beston 500, followed by JNS 1000 and finished on White Binsui. I am very happy with results. Also I am starting to better understand that stone. It's not self-sufficient, it must be used after roughter stone like JNS 1k but it gives very nice toothy edge and nice hazy finish on jigane. When I started with binsui I make some paste with diamonds and using more force i polished the blade road. I still didn't finish with that stone. 

Nice contrast between jigane and hagane:)

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