środa, 17 lipca 2013

Itinomonn Kurouchi Deba 180mm V2 Steel part 2


Today I worked a little bit on deba. I spent only few moments on Beston 500 and then I swaped to JNS 1000.

Beston 500:

First of all I have cutted my new edge. I really wish to make it wider to have a nice hamaguriba but I couldn't do that without scratching the blade road. I think that it should be fine. The low spot on heel is a problem now because I can't reach that place so it will be really hard to sharpen in that place. I can make a burr but as you can see on picture below there's still a marker pen on heel. I removed chips as well.

Then I polished the blade road with JNS1000. Now I can see that I will have to work on shinogi line in the future. It should be even on whole lenght but it isn't. The bevel is wider near front of the knife. It's also little bit wider near heel than in the middle. I will change that in the future.
Then I cleaned stone with diamond plate and I didn't clean it from mud. I used it to polish with that stone and actually result was different. I could see contrast between jigane and hagane. It's not that visible on the picture but I could see it. It shows me that mud have a big importance in polishing.


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