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Knife making adventures... part 4 - Shaping blanks

Ok, so now it's time to put a final shape on my blanks.

To do that I will do what I can on the belt grinder and then I will follow it with files.

My grinding station. Many people would condemn me for what I am doing, but I have no choice. I am using my beltgrinder in the bathroom since two years. It is easy for me to take everything out of the bathroom, setup my grinder and clean after job.

My belt grinder:
And blanks before shaping.

Of course using PPE is crucial

 So I started from shaping spine on the 40 grit belt.

 And then rest of the curves.

 I have noticed that doing that on the disc sander is way faster.

And here is the result of shaping on the grinder.

Later I had to refinish all curves on the handles with files (another gift from my girlfriend).
I tried to do that over the sink, but I couldn't mount my vice properly.

Then I have tried portable workbench, but it wasn't comfortable as well.

I have mounted vice to the table in my saloon.

After shaping with files I wanted to even out all edges. I've used pillar drill with grinding stone.

And here is the final result.

Not bad so far. My next step is to make distal taper.


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