środa, 18 lutego 2015

For sale - new items

I still have to sale Kiyoshi Kato petty 150mm and Oohira Tomae lv4. I adding Shigefusa Mukimono 180mm.

Shigefusa Mukimono 180mm.

So I am selling this knife, because I am  not using it. I bought it second hand. The shinogi line is not straight, but I believe that it was like this from very beginning. I can find original pictures of new knife and it will be the same. The ''ura'' (back of the knife) is in perfect condition. This knife have great amount of hamaguriba edge as you can see on the choil shot picure. The best thing about this is the fact that you can see plenty of ''clouds'' on the cladding as well as on the top flat face of the knife. It was extremily hard to take picture, but you must believe me. It's almost like ''kitaeji''. I think that after some time with uchigumori fingerstone this will be very visible. I used this knife once and sharpened once. I can send it with two small uchigumori fingerstones for polishing purpose.

I never had and don't have the box for this knife or saya, however I will send it properly packed.

The cost of this knife is £240 (gbp) + shipping and paypal fees. 



Visible clouds:

Kiyoshi Kato 150mm petty.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara is very well known blacksmith in Japan. He is mostly making Japanese swords. Few of his pieces are in Japan national museum. Pictures below shows actual picture of the knife. I will refinish this blade with Japanese natural stones as well as Uchigumori fingerstones. Handle is made of Ironwood and propably bog oak or blackwood. Coated with few layers of Tru-oil. Comes with hand made cedar wood saya. Saya is a bit loose, but I can make pin and drill a hole. This is great cutter. Great knife for a great price.


Cost of the knife and saya is £160 (GBP) + shipping from UK + paypal fees.

Oohira Tomae lv4.

This is finishing stone for knives and tools. Very hard. Best used with nagura or Tomo nagura.
Stone comes without Kanji on top.

Size: 205mm 80mm 25mm

Price for this one is £150 (gbp) + shipping from UK + paypal fees.

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  1. Hello! I know this is an older post, but are any of your Kiyoshi Kato knives still available for sale?