czwartek, 12 lutego 2015

For sale.

I have few things to sell. Both knives will be refinished before sending to buyer.

Konosuke HD 240mm gyuto.  - SOLD

Pictures shows actual look of the knife. This is nice thin gyuto made of HD steel. This steel is semi stainless which means that it's behaving like carbon and it's stainless. It comes with stabilized amboyna burl and water buffalo horn handle. Comes with original saya. I will refinish and sharpen this knife after order is placed. Finish can be made by machine or by hand. You can choose.

Price for this knife is £120(gbp) + shipping from UK + paypal fees.

Old pictures in better light:

Next one is Kiyoshi Kato 150mm petty. Yoshiaki Fujiwara is very well known blacksmith in Japan. He is mostly making Japanese swords. Few of his pieces are in Japan national museum. Pictures below shows actual picture of the knife. I will refinish this blade with Japanese natural stones as well as Uchigumori fingerstones. Handle is made of Ironwood and propably bog oak or blackwood. Coated with few layers of Tru-oil. Comes with hand made cedar wood saya. Saya is a bit loose, but I can make pin and drill a hole. This is great cutter. Great knife for a great price.


Cost of the knife and saya is £160 (GBP) + shipping from UK + paypal fees.


Next for sale is famous Oohira Range suita. It is great Japanese natural finishing stone. It's hard, but not too hard. It leaves great finish on single bevel knives. Contrast between Jigane and hagane (soft iron and hard steel) is great. Oohira range suita is not famous without reason. They are very fast finishers. You can see thick black swarf after few strokes. It is must have stone for every J-nat lovers. This one also comes with cedar  box bespoke for this stone by my friend.

Price for this stone is £200 (gbp) + shipping from UK + paypal fees. It is really good price for this stone. PM me for more details.

Next one is Oohira Tomae lv4. This is finishing stone for knives and tools. Very hard. Best used with nagura or Tomo nagura.
Stone comes without Kanji on top.

Size: 205mm 80mm 25mm

Price for this one is £150 (gbp) + shipping from UK + paypal fees.

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