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Knife making adventures... part 3 - Cutting out the blanks.

My next step was to cut out the blanks. The truth is that after cutting 5cm of steel with hack saw I had to surrender. My tennis elbow will not last long if I will cut metal like this. I was lucky enough that I had a birthday on 8th of February and I got some money from my girlfriend. For that money I bought new Makita angle grinder with 115mm cutting discs. In addition to that I bought 5 metal cutting 1mm discs.

So on the next day I just settled me up in front of my flat. I am pretty sure that now, my neighbours hate me. I live in block of 18 flats. Grinding in front of the main entrance is let's say... inappropriate. I thought that using belt grinder in my bathroom was loud, but to be honest it was nothing in compare to noise of angle grinder.

And here is the result. At the biginning I was a bit afraid of using this machine, but after 5 minutes I felt quite comfortable with it. I think that with more practice, one can be very accurate. I didn't want to bother my neighbours anymore so I have left it like this, with lots of material to file out. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow I will use my new Makita to remove more metal. For today I had enough of noise.

And this is what left after all cuts. I must say that 1mm cutting discs wore out quite fast.


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