sobota, 7 lutego 2015

Knife making adventures... part 2 - Knife projects

Now it's time to make a project of the knives. To be honest with you, those projects are copies of existing knives. Why I copy somebody projects? First of all I am making it for fun, so why should I not copy somebody knife? Second of all, I am pretty sure that they will change shape anyway through the process of shaping. And third of all, my drawing skill level is same as kid from preschool, so I even don't want to make myself a lampoon.
I would also like to say that afterall all knives are similiar so who is copying from who?
Who did I copy from? I will not tell you, but these are one of my favourite blacksmiths projects  and I have a very big respect for them.

My projects: Three neck knives.

And three kitchen knives. Gyutos - 240mm ''Wa'' style, 210mm western style and 180mm ''Wa''  style.

 I cut out my projects and have attached them to the piece of steel with blue tack.

 And then I sprayed them with red paint.

Does they look like knives? I hope so:D


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