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The biggest adventure of my life - Maruoyama, Kameoka (Part 7)

We spent the last two days in Kameoka in Tushihachi San house and mine. I had a lot of time to play with different stones because the tv crew went back to the mine to take some extra shots. There was a lot happening so I will just spam some pictures:

Tushihashi and his family live in a beautiful place surrounded by the mountains. It is extremely quiet and you can hear the birds singing. Amazing!!!

Tushihashi San invited me to his home. The very first thing I have noticed was a huge stone from Maruoyama.

There was a lot of stones in the next room.

Then, he has shown me his private collection of ''Tennen Toishi'' which was in the next room.


The big stone was so heavy that I needed a help with carrying it. Some of these stones are very unique, mined generations ago and obviously not for sale.

 ''Tennen Toishi'' paradise:d

I had a lot of time to test some stones...

And obviously, we had to cut some tomatoes:D

I could also cut and prepare some stones with Jouzo.

After cutting, stones are roughly polished and evened in the special machine.

Me and an approximately 1000 years old cedar.

When I thought that I have seen all stones possible, I have entered the kitchen and found that:

Of course, there was a final dinner. We had sukiyaki, wagyu and a lot of good stuff:D

Tushihashi San family and friends

At the end of the next day, Tushihashi San gave me wonderful gifts. I got full-size Maruoyama Shiro Suita. It weighs 1.6kg. Also, he gave me a beautiful book and small Maruoyama Shiki Uchigumori.

One of Youzou Tushihashi's guests gave me adzuki. This is 1% of the best-picked beans from Kameoka. Such a wonderful gift!!!

The very last shot!!! I have to admit that I was very happy that we have finished. I was tired, excited, happy and sad at the same time. Sad, because I had to leave these wonderful people.

I had a wonderful time in Kameoka. I have learned a lot and met very special people who will always stay in my heart. I can't be thankful enough for everything they have done for me, their hospitality and obviously special, ''very expensive'' gifts. I will really miss Youzou Tushihashi, his wife Sayuri. and obviously Kameoka.

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