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The biggest adventure of my life - Sakai Hamono Museum and Nunoya.... (Part 4)

Hi and welcome in part 4 of my story. Straight after my visit to Tadashi San workshop,¶ we went to Sakai Hamono Museum. The museum itself was on the first floor and it wasn't very big. There were different kinds of Japanese kitchen knives in the showcases hung on the walls and a lot of knives for sale in the middle. The museum, as every museum in the world, is just a museum and there is not much to say about it. However, there was a funny situation. When I was admiring some of the blades, Yoda San told me that someone will come to me in a second. I think that they've mentioned that it will be a director of the museum. Of course, the tv crew wanted to record that conversation and I was quite excited because there were few knives that I have never seen before and I wanted to ask someone about them. After a short introduction, I have asked that person about one knife which I have seen on the wall. He was thinking for a bit and then he said that he is not sure and that he will be back in a second. Then, I have realized that he wasn't the director and to be honest I don't have a clue who he was. He came back after a short time, told me what I wanted to know and probably didn't expect another question, which I asked straight away. Again, he wasn't sure and he went somewhere to ask. At this point, I knew that recording that was pointless and I gave my crew a sign that we should be not recording that. That was the end of a day. On our way back to the hotel we stopped again in Tadashi San workshop and he gave me the same shirt that he was wearing. I really like it:D

''The entire knife making process in the showcase below''.

''Me and the biggest deba. It is a real knife if someone asks''

On the very next day, we came back to the museum. The tv crew has rented the conference room, set photo studio and took a lot of blades from the museum. They spent a few hours filming knives and this part was quite boring. In the meantime, I took my time to take some photos and then, together with Jim we went for a walk.

Some street photos from my walk:

Later on, in the afternoon, I and my tv crew packed and travelled to Osaka. This time I really didn't have an idea about what is going to happen. I was quite surprised when I met Jouzou Tushihashi. He said that he will take me to his friend. Nunoya Koji, a friend of Tushihashi San is a chef of Japanese restaurant "Unowa" nestled in a corner of Osaka Kitashinchi. He also belongs¶ to an association which I have mentioned before. It federates scientists, geologists, miners, knife sharpeners, sword polishers and more people with interest in preserving ''Tennen Toishi'' tradition and culture.  It's a former luxury restaurant. I was introduced to Koji San and then I had a great restaurant experience.

First, I could watch Nunoya San sharpening his huge over 300mm yanagi on the Maruoyama Shiro Suita. One of the stones mined by Tushihashi San.

After that, he prepared a special meal for me and Jouzou.

''Zori Ebi'' (Mitten lobster) - It is available only for two weeks in the year.

This is the end result of Nunoya-San work. I have to admit that it was more than delicious. Seriously!!! That tuna...¶ OMG. It has melted in my mouth. I have also seen a super cool trick. First, Nunoya San has used a shark skin to grind some fresh wasabi and he formed a small glob on my plate. Then, he used the back of his knife to hit whatever has left on the shark skin. I really didn't know what he was doing, but then he explained that by doing so, he changed the taste of the wasabi. I have tried both of the pellets and I have to admit that it was true:D

''Some of his knives''

Small stone shire.

It was a big pleasure to be there and to try such a good food. It was very stressful, to do all of that in front of the cameras, but the ·overall experience was quite fascinating. I was always dreaming about eating proper sushi/sashimi/call.it.like.you.want in a front of a chef. Great. At the end of a day, Nunoya San gave me a pack of a Japanese green tea. It was a very nice gesture. Straight from his restaurant we took a train and came back to our hotel in Sakai.

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