piątek, 15 listopada 2013

Takeda's project.

I recieved package from Sweden today with two Takeda's and some wood. I have to make new handle for 270mmm gyuto and two sayas. New handle will be made of Koa wood, spacers and musk ox horn. I have to say that I am little bit scared of that handle and I will really have to focus. Materials used are fragile and there are 3 different types of them: wood, new silver and musk ox horn. Each of them are working differently and I am worried about movement of them. This is why I want to use wooden dovel inside of handle.

After that I will have to thin these gyuto's a lot because grind on them is horrible which you can see on pictures. There is flat part and then bevel. Height of these blades is about 6cm or more and bevel is less that 1cm. This cause wedging in potates and other big stuff.

Then when I will be finished I will make two custom sayas made of black ebony. I can't wait to start this project. It will be very demanding

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