czwartek, 21 listopada 2013

New handle

Hello knife people:D

I am doing project for Magnus from Sweden out of some very expensive materials and I have to use new way of doing handles. I couldn't risk experimenting with his materials so I quickly made new handle for myself but in the same way and style as his. The point is that I was usually gluing materials together and then was doing tang hole. However this construction have some pros and cons. It's easy and quick to made but construction is not strong and after gluing everything you have to spend a lot of time on tang hole which is hardest thing to do.
My new construction is stonger. It's secret is dowel which is cut in half. This is meant to be my tang slot. After preparing dowel I had only to drill hole in my wood in same size as dowel or little bit bigger. All parts of handle like spacers, horn and other are placed on that dowel. I drilled hole for my dewel in ferule as well but not full lenght. I left about 3mm so I was able to make a nice tang slot in ready handle. After gluing everything I didn't have to spend a lot of time to mould that slot.

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