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JNS gathering 2015 - May

Hello there. 

Here is another collection of pictures and videos, this time from JNS gathering 2015 in May. Pictures and videos are in no particular order.

Crazy Dan.

Crazy Dan's new tattoos:D

Japanese grinding water wheels. I didn't waste my time and was grinding in every free moment.

And quick test:

This time I was using normal belt grinder to make my knives.

Delicious deer:D


Who like sake?

Andrey loves it:D

 Dinner time:D

 Toyama Usuba's and kiritsuke yanagiba:D

Hangover  Maksim:D

I was always doing something with my knives.

And here is my Western gyuto after initial grinding.

Making and sharpening knives  may be dirty...

...and bloody:D

Stainless steel anyone?

Other JNS gathering participants.

Super  huge Blue Aoto:

Very happy mr. Yamasake:D

Traditional Russian Borscht.

''Potato bastard'' in Japanese. Only people who were on the gathering knows what is ''potato bastard'':D:D

Stuart Richardson.

They are only joking:D

And as always I must show you what I brought from JNS.

Super cool Toyama 240mm Usuba in White steel

Collectors grade big Red Aoto. This one come from Maksim's private collection:D


Takashima koppa.

Shoubudani type 100 for razors

Super cool new JNS 300 splash 'n' go.

Asano nagyras set. From left: Botan, Tenjyou and Meijiro.

Ura fixers:

Some wood for handles:

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