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JNS gathering 2014 part. 2 - November


It happened again. I didn't plan to go to the part 2 of  JNS gathering 2014, but I couldn't resist.
From my previous reports you know what was happening on gatherings so this time I will post only pictures and movies with short comments.

Will Catcheside nakiri testing.

We were laughing that Andrey is practicing this pose everyday in front of the window:D

What makes Kin that happy?

His new J-nat:D

I told you he's practising everyday:D Always the same:D

Happy Dan:D


Dan and Mike had to pick up somebody from airport. There is nothing better than good welcome board:D

We didn't have wasabi so we have used normal horseradish.

Andrey again:D:D

Some sushi rolling:D

And some nice steaks. This meat was well matured:D

Will Catcheside.

Sharpening stations.

Mystery prize bucket.

Will Catcheside knives. These are pretty good performers.

Hand made animals made in Japan.

Will Catcheside damascus nakiri:

Shigefusa hamokiri. Real beauty.

Dan was making sayas.

And we  had a lot of fun because of Dan:d


Some innovative drawing.

200 years old Tamahagane steel:

Will Catcheside made a chisel for me.

I was preparing some cutting boards.


Some nice Fritatta:D

Cutting boards again

Will Catcheside's chisel heat treating

Will made some kind of pump from plastic littler bag, rubber hose and two pieces of plastic. Someone was needed to pump it all the time, but for a short amount of time it does the job.

Here you can see upgraded version of Will's field forge:D

And do you know what Will is doing after forging? He is singing ''yoga song'':D

Me and Mike polishing some knives:

I must say that I ate the best raw tuna, salmon and scallops in my whole life.

We have also found some time for refreshing spa:D

Steaks anyone?

More injuries:D

Crazy Will:

And here is a final result of Will Catcheside work on my chisel:

Delicious smoked salmon:

So now it's time to show you what I brought from JNS gathering,

This is my new cutting board made by myself:

Shigefusa Mukimono 180mm.

Super cool magnetic rack made from Japanese flamed cedar:

This one I got from Maksim as a project knife:D I am really looking forward to repair it:D

NOS Biken Japanese straight razor:

Some fingerstones. Atagoyama and Nakayama.

Old 220 grit stone and JNS 800.

Red Oohira.

Some horse leather for knife strops.

And here is my new magnetic rack.

Itinomonn butcher. I truly love this undestructible knife.

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