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Knife making adventures... part 8 - Grinding session and grind modification.

Hello there. I didn't write anything since some time, but to be honest I have many draft post which are waiting for posting. Also I was quite busy, recently, but now I am back.

So my knives came back bit bent from heat treating.

Before straightening I prepared old handle which will help me hold my Wa handled knife while grinding.

The tang hole was big and I had to use piece of wood to block tang in the handle.

Here I have marked place where bend starts.

To straighten it, I have used vice with three pieces of wood with blade between them. I was delicately screwing it tight to straighten the blade.

And here is my Eastern blade after some grinding on the belt grinder.

And quick test.

Then it was time to work on the stones to fix the geometry in controlled way. I have rounded corners of my 300 grit and 800  grit stones.

 And then worked on them in the same way as sword polishers sharpen and polish katana swords.

Here you can see height of the bevels. Top part rusted a little bit, but this actually helped me to see what I am doing.

And here you can see edge of this knife.

On the video above you could see that it's still splitting carrots instead of slicing through them. This is happening because of two things. First of all, this knife is too thick behind the edge, and second of all finish affects cutting.

Unfortunately, I didn't like it and changed everything when I was on JNS gathering in Denmark. I had opportunity to work on Japanese water wheels.

Dan wanted to test my knife, so here it goes:D

And then have grounded western knife as well.

I have burned tip a little bit on the Eastern knife, so had to change profile and then the belly was too obtuse, so I change it a little bit as well. All on the stones.


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