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Frankenstone - How did I repair my Red aoto.

When I bought my Red Aoto, I have noticed small crack. I've bee informed that this kind of stone should be sealed with some kind of laquer or shellac. I didn't do that straight away and small piece of my stone had fall away. I've glued it with super glue and then sealed it. It was ok for some time, but then another crack appeared. This time it was worse, because crack had gone across the stone. I could also see water going out of it when I put pressure on my Aoto. The only reason why this stone didn;t fall apart was thick layer of shellac. I have even made nice wooden base, but then I thought that I will use it for the last time. Look what happened. The reason for that is that this stone hadn't got base which would keep everything together.

 Wooden bases.

I've also made rubber feets.

I decided to use Loctite hybrid glue which is water resistant and elastic. This was mistake, but I will explain later on.

So I've started with moisting pieces of Aoto, because label on the glue says, that glued pieces should be dump.

I was glueing this stone on the piece of wood.

There was big hole in the stone, so I've decided to fill it with glue, Red Aoto powder and mud from the same stone.

In this jar I am collecting mud from sharpenings. I always knew that I will find use for that mud.

Later on, I decided to remove piece of Aoto which I am not using. Also It hasn't got a base and this part is fragile.

Please learn on my mistakes. Do never use angle grinder in home, mostly on the stones. I was cleaning my kitchen whole day.

Now I have a nice collection of Red Aoto fingerstones

I have cleaned sides and bottom on the belt grinder.

Red Aoto is a soft, muddy stone. It should be sealed on the sides. For this purpose I have used shellac.

 To make the base better, I made concave in to which I have glued my stone.

 Of course last step is to clean and flatten the stone.

Now this stone is ready to use. It's working well. The only problem is that glue I have used is flexible. You see, when I used super glue previously, I could use this stone and I couldn't feel the place where the glue was. The problem with new glue is that I can feel it, because it's abrading slower than the stone itself and it's gummy. It's not a big problem. I can used to it or remove top part of the glue with needle, exactly same as toxic line. Also, today, after few uses I have lost corner which I filled. No problem for me. I thin k that it would bother me anyway.

This stones leaves quite uniform finish.

And with the fingerstone from the same stone you can make it even better.

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