czwartek, 26 marca 2015

Knife making adventures... part 6 - Initial grinding

Hello there:D

Unfortunately I must abandon my neck knives project and focus only on kitchen knives. As I have mentioned before, I am running out of time, because I must finish my kitchen knives till May. Reason for that is, that one of them knives will be a gift for my friend and second one is that I am going to Denmark to my fourth annual gathering.

Before heat treating I wanted to grind my blanks a little bit. I started free hand and at the beginning it goes well.

I had funny (for me ) situation. My girlfriend was waiting for parcel from Hermes. They said that they have tried to deliver our parcel twice and now it was last chance to get it. Just watch video above starting from 7:00. I thought that I have seen something in front of my window. I've turned of my grinder and noticed that somebody is calling me. So I quickly jump out from my flat to open the door. There was older lady with my parcel. What did she think when she saw me like that?

It was even more odd, because camera was attached to my chest and I had big knife half painted in red:D hahaha. I am pretty sure that they will never deliver my parcel again.

Grinding full tang knife was easy. The other one, big gyuto, was hard to grind because of the tang. I couldn't hold it so I have attached it to the piece of wood.

And grinder it this way.

I have burned tip a little bit.

Then my blank felt on the ground and I bent the tip:

I straightened it with hammer. I do not care about, because I will grind it away after HT.

Now to clean blades I used my C powder 80 grit mixed with J-nat Red Aoto mud.


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