wtorek, 17 marca 2015

Knife making adventures... part 5 - Distal taper

Hello there.

I spent whole morning on making distal taper on my kitchen knives. I was very happy that I got new belts from John Mol, because it made my life easier, though, it wasn't that easy.

So I started from measuring thickness of my blanks.

Then I've gone to about half of the thickness.

And have used calipers to mark center of the edge.

Also I've marked point where I wanted to check thickness of the blade. It's on the hell, middle of the blade and about 1cm from the tip.

I tried different angles of aproach. I tried to grind distal taper sideways.


And with belt grinder pointed vertically.

So here are my blanks after making distal taper.

Thickness near tip:
To be continued...

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