wtorek, 30 stycznia 2018

200mm gyuto

Hello there!!

This is the second knife, out of 7, which I have messed up. Fortunately, I have managed to fix it and I think that the end result is quite good. This is a 20cm gyuto with random wood on the handle and the brass pins. This knife taught me a lot and it was a hard lesson. I made a huge mistake by heat treating all blades before drilling holes. That mistake has put me away from this project for a very long time. Fortunately, I  have managed to destroy the temper on the handle by immersing the whole blade into the cold water and heating the tang with a torch and then drilling few holes with a cobalt drill. I will NEVER repeat that mistake. It was a pure nightmare and waste of money.

As usually:
Steel: O1 @60-61 HRC

I am also quite happy with the way it cuts. The food release is very good. You can still hear some splitting sound while cutting carrots, but I am leaving it as it is.

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