środa, 1 października 2014

Cedar sayas


Did you ever had feeling that you can do somethig that is really hard to do and simple thing makes you a problem? This is what I feel. I can make handles, polish the blades etc. but I always have problem with sayas. Wooden sheaths are my Achilles' heel.

I've been asked to make three sayas for Hiromoto AS gyuto 240mm, Eden Kanso Aogami Gyuto 230mm and Masakage Kotetsu Ironclad Gyuto 240m.

I bought nice cedar wood which is bit harder than cedar I got from Denmark. So when I started making them I've noticed cracks in wood which I didn't noticed before. I started again and this time it had to be perfect. Everything was good but I didn't noticed 1mm broken drill in one piece of wood and when I was cutting outline with my brand new band saw blade I hit the drill. This was bad because I actually dulled the bandsaw blade. The situation was even worse because this drill was very deep in the wood and I was afraid that I will start all over again.
It is not end of my bad stroke of luck. When I was shaping Kohetsu saya I've done something what happened to me before. I over planed the wood and  I made a hole. I had to start again but this time  it was quite hard because of my dulled bandsaw blade.

After all this mistakes I took my time and I've done these sayas. They are covered with shellac to protect wood from moisture and also to make them glossy.

I am so happy with them that I even recorded this video:

At the end of the story I would like to add that these are the best sayas I have ever done and one of the best I have ever seen personally. I really hope that from now I will only make them better.

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