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Hello knife people:D

Some time ago somebody called me and asked for sharpening his Global knives. These knives haven't been sharpened since they were bought so it is about 5 or 6 years now. I must say that one thing really surprised me.
I own three Global knives and I must say that these are really stainless. However 2 knives were in really bad condition. They had rusty dots. I thought that it will be easy to remove but after close examination I found out that rust started eating steel and  damaged edge. I don't now what was happening with these knives but deep rust on Global knives is strange.

Pictures of knives when I got them.

Rust I was talking about.

Edges in very bad condition.

Flexible filleting knife was bent. It doesn't look bad on picture bad it was worse. I used wooden stick and hammer to straighten it. It is better but I don't want to risk breaking the knife. I don't like this kind of knives. Their flexibility is making sharpening really hard.

Global G-2 chef and G-3  had strange scratches over the edge. Scratches are not surprise for me but their depth was very strange. I was refinishing blades on belt grinder and I didn't remove all deep scratches. It wasn't worth wasting the metal.

On  the next few pictures you can see deep holes of rust. Even after belt grinding they still exist. I will not remove all of them because I don't want to remove more metal than I have to. 

Here you can see edge damaged by rust.

Ok so I started from sharpening them on 300 grit stones to repair edges and to see what I have to do. After sharpening I decided to thin them down. This was the longest step of repairing but  it was necessary after repairs. After thinning I sharpen it again to check consistency. Then I took it to the belt grinder to refinish blades. I have sharpened them afterwards and I am happy with it. I will sharpen them again before they will go back to their owner.  It is not perfect but now these Global cut good and look good. 

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  1. Szacunek Panie Grzesiu za efekt końcowy. Bardzo ładnie wyszły. Aczkolwiek mam pytanie do właściciela. Jak można tak zapuścić i zaniedbać swoje noże ?? MASAKRA !!