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My trips to Germany, Solingen

Hello eveybody.
Last year I visited my girlfriends family in Germany, Remscheid. When her uncle told me that Remscheid is only few kilemeters from Solingen, I was really excited. This year we went there as well. I already described the whole story from last and this year on Polish knives forum. Unfortunately it is a lot of writing and this could be difficult for me to write it in English, so I will give you some highlights from the story. Anyway you won't be dissappointed.

Last year
I am not sure that you are aware of that but Solingen, Wuppertal and Remsheid were three industrial cities. Solingen is called ''Klingenstadt'' - City of blades. Remscheid is known from manufacturing tools and Wuppertal is known from manufacturing textiles. In the past times, when humanity didn't know electricity, people were using water from river to power machinery in the factories.
I will try to shorten my story so I will only show you pictures and movies.
''Schleifermuseum Balkhauser Kotten''. - The grinding museum

That is interesting fact.
After grinding knives, womens has to take them in the baskets to the town which was about 3 - 4km from grinding place. Each basket weight about 20kg and womens has to carry them on the head.

Mechanism which was powering this place.

Grinding and polishing:

Fine grinding and polishing

Later on I was near Zwilling and Henckels factory and I was in their factory shop.

I can't tell you where it is but it was very interesting place.

The smallest scissors in the world.

And the largest knife.

This year:

I took my small Ebisu and Hakka to sharpen my girlfriends uncle knives but he surprised because he had 1000/3000 combo stone:D Sharpening session:

Tools and machines museum in Remsheid:

Stream engine:

And now the best part from this year trip. Schleiferei Wipperkotten. This is 400 years old grinding place which is still working.

This is best thing I've seen in last time. This guy constructed this steam powered sharpening machine for his exams in school.

Knife sharpening. 240grit grinding wheel and power stropping on leather with 10000 grit polishing paste.

That's it. I am very sorry that I didn't describe everything as I would like to but I don't have a time and this is a lot of writing. I have a story for every movie and picture. I really can recommend you to go to Solingen and near areas. Not only because of knives but also because of great places and outdoors. Germany is really beautiful and clean country. I hope that I will go there next year as well. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. You can see all pictures from my trips to Germany in my private albums here:

Germany 2013
Germany 2014

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