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Masamoto KK 270mm yanagiba part 4

Hello. So at least I have finished this project. Today I will show you only the results of my work. I took loads of pictures while doing it but I had to change many things and also I started to being nervous about it. First of all I had some problems with the handle. First handle has fallen apart when I finished shaping it. Then when it was nice and shiny it fallen apart again between ferrule and new silver. When I glued tang in to the handle I have noticed smal gap between wood and spacer. I had to use super glue and then polish it. It was quite tricky and because of that handle changed it shape a little bit. Also when I glued it in I had to remove some glue from the top of the ferrule and then it was very hard to polish it again.

Mirror finish. Ahh that bloody mirror finish. I was doing it three times. Last result was always scratched. Why? I think that it was scratched because polishing mop was full of residue so I bought new one. I think that I did a mistake and I prepared mop. You have to turn it on on the machine anf put something in to it.    Fibers from mop are everywhere. Then you have to burn it a little bit and repeat whole process again. This is what I have seen on youtube. I must say that I haf better results without preparing it at first time.

Kasumi. This was my first real attempt to kasumi. I bought Uchigomori but I had some problems with them. Even after preparation they were scratching my surface. Obviously it's because of my technique. I will experiment with them in the future. The problem is that if I have left binsui finish and then Polish with uchigomori I could get very good results but after Binsui I used red aoto and Oohira to sharpen. Oohira is very hard and it scratched blade road. After that it was very hard to remove scratches with fingerstones. 

Also I think that if one don't have Uchigomori he can use white Binsui to polish and then create loads of mud out of it and using felt polish with mud. It will give one very good results.

I have finished because I easily spent 40 - 50 hours on that knife and every attempt to make something better result in making things worse. I think that it's my best work but every time when I am starting new projects I am less satisfied with results. Maybe it's because I want to be better and better. See you soon.



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